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Deck Framing

If you want to use StructurAL® as a deck framing system, please contact us to discuss its suitability for your next project. We supply StructurAL® deck frames throughout Australia.

A complete solution for construction of low height decks over solid surfaces

If you want to build a deck over existing concrete or paving, you don’t have to remove the old surface!

StructurAL® deck frames are the ideal solution for the construction of decks over solid surfaces where strength, durability and ease of installation is important. They are perfect for use over waterproof membranes, or for the renovation of existing tiled or concrete floors.

The combination of pedestals and low-profile joists allow for a minimal increase from the existing floor level to the new floor level. And the sturdy aluminium decking frame joists offer great durability!


A StructurAL® deck frame construction offers many benefits, including:

Complete system
Low deck height
No floor penetrations
Indoor/outdoor flow
Light weight and stable
Easy to install

Components of the StructurAL® System

The framing requirements for composite decking are outlined in our installation guide and in the list of components above. If you require any assistance with the specification, design or installation of your deck, please contact us.

Aluminium joists
Angle Brackets
Cobra Tee AL clip
Joist connection sleeve
Start/end clip
Pedestal joist adapter

Simple and Efficient Installation

The height adjustable NIVO pedestals are available in a range of sizes and are purposefully designed to suit the StructurAL® joists to provide a level deck surface.

The versatile aluminium joist sections can be used with the Cobra hidden-fix clips or with traditional self-drilling deck screws.

The aluminium joists are designed to click on and off the NIVO pedestal adapter to adjust the frame as you go.

The video below showcases how easy and effortless StructurAL® decking installation is. If you need any help with specification or installation, please submit an enquiry form or call our friendly team of experts.