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Deck Hedz Screws

Coloured head composite screws for a smooth deck surface

We sell Deck Hedz through Australia. To enquire about this product, please contact us

Deck screws designed specifically for fixing composite deck or screening boards

Providing a smooth clean finish, they are suited to most major composite deck brands. Designed with a Type 17 cutting point, reverse threads, T20 Torx recess, and available in 304 stainless with a colour painted head, Deck Hedz composite deck screws are the ideal choice for composite decking.

Our 10G x 65mm timber CDS screws also feature a self-counter-sinking head, saving another process on installation. After pre-drilling, all you need to do is drive the composite screw in and it will ensure a clean, flush finish with the top of your composite decking profile.

Best for invisible and neat finishes on fascia boards, screening, stair treads & square edge boards.

Specially designed for conventional and capped composite boards. Deck Hedz are available in two ranges: Stainless steel grade: 304 (CDS and CS) or Carbon Steel (CSM).

How to top fix boards with Deck Hedz

Strong and durable

Deck Hedz are made from 304 stainless still with a colour painted head, specially designed for composite boards.


Deck Hedz screws are suited to most composite timber deck brands in Australia.

Colour matching heads

Deck Hedz have coloured head that blends in NewTechWood board cap layer, providing the seamless look of finishing boards.